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Swap Don't Shop!

If like me your wallet has more cobwebs than coins in it, then you might just like to join me in a super swap! There are a whole host of different things I would be happy to swap my jewellery for, simply click on the picture to find out more about just some of the sorts of things I like.

When you contact me please make sure you include a list of items you have to swap, as well as letting me know which item(s) you would like to swap them for.

On the subject of swapping...

I love receiving parcels, and second hand items (so long as they are in good order) are welcome through my letterbox - much better than them sitting unwanted on a shelf somewhere. Part exchange or full on swap, I'm sure we can come to an agreement just let me know what you have available to swap (whether it's on my list or not) and what item(s) on my site you would like to swap for.

I have an eclectic taste in DVDs (only European region 2 please) but only collect very specific CDs (having discovered the joy of keeping music on your PC). If you have lots of books it might be better to just mention the types of books or main authors or if you are a RISI member let me know (I like sci-fi, fantasy and comedy, but not chic lit, horror or crime novels. I also like collecting various art books, and do collect some children's books too).

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