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All about me!

Since I was a child I have had a passion for trying out all the new crafts I can. I started selling my handmade items in a very groovy shop here in Portsmouth on the south coast (of England) when I was 15. The shop sold the art and craft works of many talented local people, but sadly that shop is long since gone. All those fabulous unique gems replaced by expensive mass produced "fake fun" stuff.

My passion for making jewellery started when as a teenager. I came across a stall at the local market that sold some beautiful ethnic beads, they seemed a very appealing way to spend my spare cash. I have enjoyed amassing an array of unusual beads and materials for use in my unique creations ever since. Having had the opportunity to try so many different crafts I have discovered my real passion is making jewellery and have spent the last few years exclusively concentrating my energy on my jewellery designs. I always endeavour to craft every item to the highest of standards to ensure your satisfaction. I'd accept nothing less, so why should you?

I source my materials from all over the globe and enjoy collecting vintage beads or unusual objects to make fantastic new jewellery with. The range of materials I use is as diverse as the people who buy my creations. So whether you're looking for fantastic plastic, really good wood, or my personal favourite - glorious glass, it will be here at some point in some form. I love bringing new purpose to old objects, lovingly recycling unwanted or broken items into a new piece of jewellery or treasured trinket. Equally I love being hit by those inspirational bolts of lightning that result in me bringing my ideas to life in brand new one off creations. Going out and searching for just the right components to make my visions a reality or creating them myself.

My Creations FAQs & Info

I hope this page answers any questions you might have about the jewellery I make. If you've see something mentioned in an item description check below to quickly find out more. If you have any questions that aren't already answered here please get in touch, and not only will I send you a personal reply asap but your question may well soon be featured here too.

Q. What is an illusion necklace?
A. An illusion necklace has beads placed at intervals along fine beading wires to create the illusion of the beads floating on air.

Q. What age are "vintage" components?
A. Vintage components can be any age! Most of the vintage items I use are from the 60's through to the 80's.

Q. What size is a "medium" bracelet in inches? 
A. The reason I don't list the length of my bracelets in inches is that a bracelet with big beads will be much tighter on the wrist compared to a chain of the same length. I have sized bracelets as small, medium and large having tested them on various wrist sizes, and many of my designs can be adjusted if you would like them larger or smaller - just ask.

Q. What does silver tone mean?
A. I have classed any metals that are not labeled as silver plated, sterling silver or another specific metal as silver tone. This includes watches which contain stainless steel, and vintage components. There is the possibility that some silver tone components could contain metals that people could have sensitivities to, therefore I have restricted their use to items that won't directly touch skin.

Q. What is ab or AB?
A. AB stands for Aurora Borealis, a very pretty coating on beads that reflects rainbows of light off them.

Q. What is Tibetan silver?
A.  The Tibetan silver I use in my pieces is a nickel free, zinc alloy with an antiqued finish.

Caring for your jewellery

My aim is to create jewellery that you will treasure for years to come. With that in mind I have put together a few tips on the care of your jewellery that I hope you will find useful.

Please remember to remove jewellery before swimming, showering, washing up or any other activity where it will get wet for any length of time.

Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean jewellery, use a soft cloth or specialist silver cleaning cloth where required.

Silver Items (both sterling and plated) will tarnish over time. This is a natural process due to sulphur and ammonia in the air. To keep your jewellery sparkling keep it in an airtight zip-lock bag (I will always send my jewellery out to you in one).

Beware of rubber bands! Exposing silver items to rubber will cause irreparable damage.

Care should be taken not to over stretch your jewellery and it is not recommended to wear it in bed as it could get snagged (and no-one likes their hair caught up in their necklace anyway)!

Please consider the fact that although every care is taken to craft each individual piece to the highest of standards, some of the jewellery designs I create can be delicate and may not stand up to rough treatment. If you need a special piece that will withstand your "demanding" lifestyle email me. There are many designs I can adapt or create to meet your needs. I believe that everyone deserves jewellery designed to suit their lifestyle.

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