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Customisation services

Have half an idea for something you really want to own but can't find in the shops? Need something made to fit? Or maybe you are allergic to most commercially available jewellery. Don't know anyone with the skill to design and make just what you want?

If I can create it for you I will. Just
get in touch and we can discuss your ideas.

If you are interested in buying one of my pieces and would like matching items, let me know and we can discuss what I can create for you. Please note as all my pieces are one offs and I do use some vintage and recycled materials, I may not be able to source more of exactly the same beads and components needed. If this is the case I will still do my very best to come up with a solution that meets your requirements.


If you would like to purchase any item here but need it modified please contact me and let me know in advance of placing your order so I can confirm if the modification is possible and avoid any disappointment. Depending on the nature of the modification there may be a small additional fee to cover costs. A few examples of possible modifications include different styles of earwires, adjustments to length, different types of clasps and closures, switching to hypoallergenic earwires and components etc.

Repairs, restringing & redesign

After purchasing one of my creations I want you to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. If after lovingly wearing it day in, day out the item gets broken, damaged or worn out in some way, I will happily repair the item (for a small fee) if it is possible to do so.

I am also happy to undertake repair, restringing and redesign projects on your existing jewellery if I have the resources and materials to do so.

So if you have a necklace the wrong length, a broken bracelet or one cherished earring that you would like converted into a pendant (don't you just hate losing one of a favourite pair) jus contact me a
nd we can discuss what's possible.

Terms & conditions

After deciding upon the design and materials a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required in advance. Any changes made after the order is placed may incur extra charges, this will be fully discussed with you and  any adjustments will be added to the final balance. The remaining balance is payable in full when you are satisfied with the final proof photos sent to you by email. Please remember that your monitor may display colours differently to mine, and that many natural stones will display slight colour variations. All custom orders are non-refundable. Resizing will be carried out free of charge on all custom pieces. In the case of any defect due to crafting or materials the item will be repaired at no additional cost. These terms also apply to designs modified to sterling silver.

Copyright & copying

Any custom designs remain the intellectual property of Kitsch Kitty's Unique Boutique whether they are completed or rejected during the design process. As such I retain the right to use any designs in my future work. In saying this though, it is my policy to never make 2 identical pieces (except matching earrings)! Please also note that copyright laws do mean that if you would like a copy of another designers work I will only be able to discuss and make something in a similar style for you, I cannot copy another designers work without their express permission.

I take pride in coming up with my own individual designs and creating my unique pieces, so if you would like to use my designs for your own purposes please don't! My work is copyrighted. Please take inspiration but not the credit. I'd be delighted for you to use your imagination to create something inspired by my work, something that expresses who you are. Remember there is only one you, and there is only one Kitsch Kitty!!!

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